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For the Win was created during the onset of the Covid Lockdowns in March of 2020 at what once was Papilles Bistro, a Michelin Bib Gourmand French restaurant. I’ve always wanted to serve burgers and fried chicken sandwiches for lunch and we had to change our concept to survive, so what better time to implement the new menu? Welcome to For the Win, where we pride ourselves in quality and craftsmanship for America’s favorite sandwich.

I'm somewhat of a burger aficionado, consuming them almost on a daily basis. I knew the style I wanted to create: a classic American smash burger with a soft potato bun, a patty with a nice crust but still juicy and the best sauce to complement it. I tested many different types of ground beef blends, buns, sauce recipes, and condiments until I found what was the most delicious combination. A great amount of technique, nuance, timing and execution are involved in creating something so simple, yet so delicious. For months I experimented with various techniques and flavors, and implemented them when I thought it enhanced the burger. I took the same meticulous approach to our fried chicken sandwich, trying a variety of seasonings and batters to make fried chicken bursting with flavor, the right amount of spice, and the perfect crispy crust. I'm proud of these creations, keeping them inherently authentic and American, yet embellishing them just enough to make them new and exciting.